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    Mr. Shahid & Ms. Hafsa shahid are the founders of fitreat couple. They are from Kannur and graduated in B-Tech. Their unquenchable desire and passion for fitness reached this start-up

    Mr. Shahid is an ACE (American Counsel of Exercise) certified coach and specialized in body tone, fat loss, mass gain. Ms. Hafsa shahid is also an ACE coach and certified in food & Nutrition (IGNOU) and she is specialized in step aerobics.

    The backbone of Fitreat couple is a team of 65+ people and from that administration team for the management, a group of qualified nutritionists for the nutritional and dietary assessment, and fitness trainers for the workout sessions.

    Through this fitness program, they strive to share their knowledge of fitness and nutrition and also provide superior coaching throughout the world.

    With their hardwork & passion, they have completed a successful 8 years in the fitness industry and 3 years in online fitness coaching as fitreat couple.

    The company has covered 38+ countries and 20k+ happy customers have walked out till now.

    We designed this transformation journey for people, of any age group those looking to lose weight or gain weight or to manage any lifestyle disease like diabetes, pcos, thyroid etc..We will guide you to reach your healthy fitness goals thereby improve your confidence level, strength & stamina while enjoying the food and workout session.


    " To help individuals take the healthy road of life and make them feel confident and comfortable of the fitness measures we provide. Also, to make them believe in themselves that if one is passionate they can achieve it. "


    " Ensure health and wellbeing from generations to generations. "

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